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Device to Harness Energy from Waste

A new device has been invented to convert heat emitted by computers into alternative energy. This provides us with a way to compute ultra-high temperatures.

We always have problems of the computer getting heated up. People have been on search of ways to cool down their computers and not allow it to overheat. Instead of finding a way to cool it down, the scientists have taken it as an alternative form of energy which can compute ultra-high temperatures.

The device has tried working in temperatures above 630 degrees and the scientists are saying that it has the capability to work in extreme heat of 1300 degrees. It could be basically termed as a thermal computer, which can be used in space explorations, oil drilling and many others.

Even though the work on the computer is still in progress and will take time for it to be completed, the scientists believe that in the coming future this computer can help in harvesting our own planet’s energy and even harness energy from waste.


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