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Diabetes can be measured By Contact Lenses

The researchers from Oregon State University (OSU) in the US have created a transparent sensor in the contact lenses. With the help of this sensor, soon diabetics will be able to measure their blood sugar.

The scientists explained nano-structured transistor is a formless indium gallium oxide field effect sensor (IGZO FET). The sensors have made-up using the IGZO FET by the scientists.  The development will be able to broadcast real-time glucose information to a wearable pump. The developers have said that the wearable pump delivers the hormones required to regulate insulin and glucagons.

The researchers explained that they have fixed a set of sensors into the lens. The researchers have also tested the sensors on other things such as stress hormones, uric acid and pressure sensing for glaucoma. The scientists have developed this technique in such a way that it does not affect vision.

Additionally, the compound can be measured and monitored in the tears said the scientists. The transparent sensors are the result of complementary patterning techniques which make them more affordable for users.

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