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A field hockey stick is often viewed as an added appendage, and hence has to best highlight the player’s skills.

Hockey sticks made of fibreglass or composite materials are available today.  These are for advanced players, while beginners generally are recommended a simpler reinforced stick.

Different materials contribute to the difference in the feel and ability of the stick during the play. Fibreglass sticks are durable, more lightweight, less expensive, and less rigid, making them a better choice for new players. However, full fibreglass sticks should be used only after a player reaches the high school field hockey training level.

Composite sticks are composed of a mixture of materials like fibreglass, carbon, aramid and Kevlar in varying percentages. The higher the percentage of carbon, the more rigid is the stick; whereas the higher the fibreglass content, the lighter it will be. This combination of materials and versatility gives players with the choice to better define the required characteristics in their sticks.

It is up to the player to experiment with the different types of hockey sticks to find their best suiting one. With the right choice of sticks, teams and individuals become better players.



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