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Different Types of Wrestling

Wrestling has indeed become a popular sport these days but not many of us know that there are various forms of this sport. Here is a look at some of the wrestling styles-

Folk style- It is a scholastic style of wrestling common to high school students. The style was developed in US and is not used at the International level competition. The game is all about controlling your opponent, thrashing them down on the mat and finally pin them down.

Freestyle- This is one of the wrestling techniques performed at the Olympic Games. Freestyle has its origin from in the United States and Great Britain. It is named freestyle as it has fewer restrictions than other different forms.

Greco Roman- It is a very conservative form of wrestling which is also a part at the Olympic level. Using your legs to hold the opponent or even grabbling below the waist is not permitted. Greco- Roman was not much popular before the 19th century.

Judo- Judo is an oriental style of wrestling which is primarily focused on throwing your opponent off his feet into a position of submission. It is very different from Karate but just like Karate, various colored belts are awarder to wrestlers who reach a certain level of expertise.



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