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Discovery of a Monumental Pyramid

The remains of a pyramid dating back to about 3700 years ago has been discovered 25 miles away from the south of Cairo, by an Egyptian archaeological mission. The head of the excavation team, Adel Okasha, confirmed the teams’ discovery of a hallway that leads to the insides of the pyramid.

The pyramid is being considered very unique. It is believed to be constructed around 13th century, a time when pyramid construction was rare. The last structure that was built during that time was Ahmose, which was more of a cenotaph (a monument), rather than a tomb. The inner structure of the pyramid seems to have survived over all these years. The place where this tomb is located, Dahshur, was once used as a burial site for the royal and elite class.

Researchers are planning to do further excavations to discover more pyramids and know who all have been buried within.

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