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Does Playing Basketball Make You Taller?

Basketball is generally associated with tall people. Let’s take an example from NBA players such as Satnam Singh Bhamara who stands at 7”2 (2.18 m). Often this question arises that why these basketball players have such a towering height. What is it which is making all the players taller than an average height?

As per the experts, there is no official requirement that basketball players should be of a certain height, however, many of them are tall. Let us take a look what researchers have stated on this. Researchers consider there is a direct link between height and basketball. Moreover, there are quite a few points of view that carry this proposition. First, it is suggested that regular jumping is the main reason basketball increases height. The consistency act of jumping increases the electric flow of body current to the brain which stimulates the growth hormone.

This stimulation in the body results in increased height. Basketball is a game identical with regular jumping in between play. Additionally, constant jumping in basketball increases the blood flow to crucial body parts such as the legs and spine. Apart from these arguments, several other studies by the scientists have suggested that basketball helps you to be tall. Isn’t it basketball fascinating sports?

 By: Priyanka Negi


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