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Does the Sun Behave as Other Stars in the Solar System?

It has been proven long time back that the sun is the star at the centre of the Solar System. However, scientists have resolved the ongoing controversy about whether the star at the centre of our Solar System exhibits the same cyclic behavior as other nearby, solar-type stars. The findings have provided a deep understanding to the scientists about how stars generate their magnetic fields.

Various sun activities such as changes in the number of sunspots, levels of radiation and ejection of material – differ on an eleven-year cycle, determined by changes in its magnetic field.

The scientists stated that understanding the cycle is one of the terrific issues in solar physics. The research has proven than Sun is fundamentally different because it does not appear to match magnetic cycles observed on other solar-type stars.

With the help of a series of simulations of stellar magnetic fields the team of researchers demonstrates that the Sun's magnetic cycle depends on its rotation rate and luminosity. This connection can be uttered in terms of the alleged Rossby number. The research shows that the magnetic cycle of the Sun is inversely proportionate to this number.

By: Priyanka Negi


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