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Dola Melana- One Occasion for People’s Gathering

Dola Yatra is known as a festival of happiness which is celebrated in Puri district and performed from the tenth day of bright fortnight unto full moon day of Falguna. This festival is called with various names such as Dola Melana, Dola Jatra, etc. much more. It was first observed by the Sassana villagers. Besides, there are famous melans such as Hari Rajpur, Hare Krusnapur, Brahmagiri etc, where thousand of people gather together with Dola Medhas and Pankti.

On this occasion, the representatives of the deities are taken to the Dola vedi where the play of Fagu or Holy is sprinkled and people participate in it with great rejoice. Dola Purnima is one of the most popular festivals in Orissa. It coincides with the Holi festival but is celebrated for six days. It begins six days – on Falgun dasami day – before the full moon in the month of Falgun (February – March).

During this festival, people worship Lord Radha and Krishna in the swing festival. According to many believers, swing festival is the main event during the six-day long festival.


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