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Donating Old Ski Jackets to People in Need

In United States, resorts are donating old ski jackets in charity to provide warmth to needy people. The National Ski Areas Association’s Sharing Warmth Around The Globe (SWAG) has delivered around 265,000 jackets and various other things for the good causes. They did this worldwide from Tanzania to Tibet.

The person behind this idea is Cheryl Jensen whose husband ‘Bill’ became the CEO of Vail Resorts in 1999. Vail took out 12,000 of its outdated staff uniforms that included ski jackets and trousers. The very first round of ski jackets was donated to displaced families in Kosovo in the year 2000. The next step by Cheryl was to list out all resorts that could donate for the project. The NSAA coordinated with the resorts around the USA for the collection of ski jackets.

This program helped 24 different countries and benefitted a lot of people. A social care foundation in Poland and rangers in Mongolia’s national parks were helped by providing old ski jackets.


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