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Don’t Forget to Keep These 5 Essential Accessories in Hockey Bag

Hockey players always keep few extra things in their hockey bags. There are various accessories which hockey players can carry but below given are the most essential ones to put in their hockey bags.

  1. Hockey Tape: The moment you enter a dressing room, one would hear every time that anybody has some stick tape? 99% of hockey players use clear hockey tapes.
  • Clear Tape: It holds socks and keeps shin pads in place.
  • Stick Tape: It provides extra grip on blade of stick.
  1. Skate Laces: Laces are vulnerable to rips and cuts from skate blades. Thus, it is advisable to always keep an extra pair for emergencies.
  2. Water Bottle: It’s a must to keep a non-leaky water bottle to quench your thirst.
  3. Pucks: At a lot of pick – up hockey, shinny hockey and stick and puck sessions, at times pucks are not available. Thus, carry few pucks as you don’t have any idea when you might need them.
  4. A Sweet Stick: This is highly helpful in getting edges of your skates sharpened.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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