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Jujhar Khaira, Edmonton Oilers left wing, was a Canadian child who grew up on the ice and on the street in Surrey, British Columbia, with a passion for hockey. His hard-working and sacrificial parents went out of their way to uphold his dedication to the game. This helped him get to the NHL.

The 22-year old, 63rd pick of the 2012 NHL Draft, is the third Indo-Canadian to play in the League. He is excited about this note being stressed by the “NHL’s Hockey is for Everyone month”.

Khaira said “"I think every parent is like that, but just the hard work in coming over, they never want to see money go to waste. It's a different culture, a different set of beliefs. Now seeing myself achieve this goal, it opens parents' eyes and kids' eyes that it's possible and it doesn't matter where you come from. Anybody can do it.”

He added that this message will motivate more children to go out and achieve their goals. Last season Khaira played 15 games for the Oilers. This season he played three and earned his first game-winning NHL goal against the Arizona Coyotes.



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