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Edberg's Wishful Thinking on Young Tennis Players Winning a Slam

For Stefan Edberg, it is quite common to answer the most common question being thrown at him from tennis's generational differences to coaching Federer. But, there are still some questions that can giggle him up and answers that dive straight into the insights he has for the game of tennis. Stefan can be considered as a player who loves Tennis and is a professional who enjoys discussing about it as well. He talked about everything from the place the tennis is now, the changes it has been through from the past and the hopes he has for the future.

The most important change he emphasized on is: Variation in play and variety in champions. The first on the list was the revival of Roger Federer in 2017 which he did not expect to see coming. He also agrees on the fact that Roger is definitely a better player today than he was a decade ago. Next, he talked about the need for variety in playing styles. He explained that not only was the season different in the Edburg's playing days but also the style was quite dissimilar. Variety in ways the players are playing is the kind of ingredient that is missing from Tennis sometimes. He called this wishful thinking and said that the variety would make Tennis even better than it is now.

By: Neha Maheshwari


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