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Enjoy the Art of Doodling and Gain Benefits!

Doodling is a continuous act of drawing which requires few color pencils and markers. This art is linked to better learning, creativity and performance. There are several benefits of doodling which can enhance one’s performance.

Doodling boost the concentration power as it engages brain’s “executive resources”. It helps brain to plan, multi task and concentrate. Doodling helps one to become a more productive employee as continuous note making in office becomes a monotonous activity for employees. Doodling also helps people to live in the present moment as it keeps people in the state of “pure listening”.

Doodling brings out the everyday creativity. Even for professionals, it can be an underused tool. Doodling is such an enjoyable activity which can help generate ideas. The flow of positive emotions within us while doodling opens door to so many different ideas and avenues. So, doodle to enhance performance.


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