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Enrichment of Our Culture through Maru Gurjara Art

The beautiful Maru Gurjara Art developed during the early sixth century period in and around Rajasthan. The ancient Rajasthani art had the genesis of its name from the ancient times of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Both the states had very similar ethnic, cultural and political aspects of the society.

Marudesha was an ancient name of Rajasthan while Gurjaratra was for Gujarat.  Hence, the art got named as Maru Gurjara Art which literally means ‘Art of Rajasthan and Gujarat’. The rich and colorful tradition of Rajasthanis are reflected in art of paintings also. This painting is called Maru-Gurjar Painting. It highlights the royal heritage of ancient Rajasthan. It reached its zenith by 15th to 17th centuries. Major painting styles are phad paintings, miniature paintings, kajali paintings, gemstone paintings, etc.

Various schools of art which focuses on diversity and imaginative creativity found in Rajasthani paintings are Art schools of Mewar, Marwar, Kishangarh, Bundi, Kota, Jaipur and Alwar.

By: Bhavna Sharma

Content: en.wikipedia.org


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