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Establishing a Bond with Grandparents Is Great For Children

According to a research conducted by the American Psychological Association showed that many children view their grandparent as a best friend. Moreover, having a grandparent around to talk to when the parents are too busy helps encourage better behavior and social skills in children.

Establishing a bond with grandparents is useful for children in many ways such as grandparents can be positive role models and influencers. Additionally, they can provide a sense of cultural heritage and family history. Grandparents provide their grandchildren with love, have their best interests at heart, and can make them feel safe.

The experts have also observed that grandparents provide emotional support to children. Many times it becomes difficult for children to find someone to confide in about delicate family matters or worries that they have about growing up.

They may not feel comfortable talking to a parent especially if a parent is the cause of their stress and they may be worried about talking to their friends who aren’t always discreet. It has been noticed that grandparents encourage a child's healthy development.

The list of bonding benefits also includes other benefits such as grandparents may have lots of time to spend playing with and reading to children that improves child's learning skills. 



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