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Europe Ate Rodents as Snacks!

According to a new study, Europeans likely to ate rodents as snacks. As per the study, mice and vole were not measured mere pest in ancient European society. The archaeologists have suggested that 5000 years ago used to munch these pests as a source of nutrition.

Researchers went through 60,000 small animal bones at the Skara Brae settlement, an island off Scotland. As per the archaeologists, the Island consists of the remains of eight stone houses. The researchers have estimated that these tiny houses were built sometime around 3180 B.C. to 2500 B.C. The scientists said this is the first kind of study that has revealed the connection between the people of Skara Brae and the rodent population.

Along with tiny bones, the scientists have also discovered burn marks on the bones. The scientists also suggested that the people of Skara Brae didn’t eat rodents as their main food, but rather as a snack. A biologist said that the discovery is little unclear as the scientists are unable to find out as the bones are pretty crisp from outside.

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