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Evolution of Bipedalism and Human Skull Together

A study on the evolution of two-legged walking and Human skull of fossil humans is validated by researchers.  The researchers are from Stony Brook University and The University of Texas at Austin.

Foramen Magnum which is a large hole at the base of the human skull and spinal cord passes through it. Researchers found that foramen magnum is slightly shifted forward as compared to other primates. Many scientists connected this shift with the evolution of bipedalism. They also connected it with the need to balance head above the spine. Researchers also found that it is a shared feature of bipedal mammals apart from humans and their bipedal fossil relatives.

Researchers compared position and orientation of foramen magnum in 77 mammal species. It included Marsupials, rodents and primates. Research results showed that foramen magnum of bipedal mammals like humans, kangaroos, springhares and jerboas are more forward. Researchers proved it by using multiple metrics from the skull of multiple bipedal mammals.



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