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Fantasy Basketball: Another Form of Basketball

Fantasy Basketball got its inspiration from fantasy baseball. This fantasy sport was originally played by keeping track of stats by hand. The advent of Internet led to its popularization during the 1990s. The individuals who play this game are sometimes referred to as general managers (GMs). They are the ones who draft actual National Basketball Association (NBA) players and figure their basketball statistics.

The online format of this sport has been popularized by many website like ESPN Fantasy Sports, and Yahoo! Fantasy Sports. There are variations in rules while playing fantasy basketball. The rules to be used while playing this sport in a particular league are determined by the rule settings. The Three-category leagues usually account for points, rebounds and assists. The Five-category leagues takes into account blocks and steals. Nine-category leagues add turnovers. Some leagues also prefer to break down the rebounds category into offensive and defensive rebounds.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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