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Fantasy Play Can Be Fruitful For Kids Creativity

Dr. Louise Bunce from Oxford Brookes University has discovered a connection between children’s fantasy play and in kids’ creativity. Dr. Bunce was leading the research stated that kids’ fantasy-play needs high imagination to picture the world with a new perspective as it demands creativity.


The researcher stated this while representing it at the annual conference of the British Psychological Society's Developmental Psychology Section in Belfast. A test has been conducted on several groups of children by the scientists. The result revealed kids who have had higher level of fantastical play got advanced creativity scores too.


The scientist also stated that the results give proof that imagining about unrealistic scenario demands more creative capacity than imagining about the real world.


However, the research team also clarified that the direction of the connection is still unclear. Thus there are certain possibilities that children who are more creative are subsequently engaged in more fantasy play as per the research team.


The statement of the scientist also suggested that parents and teachers can think of motivating children to engage in fantasy play as it can be beneficial to them.


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