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Federation Decides To Send Top Indian Wrestlers In Asian Cup Without Trials

Recently, Wrestling has become India’s biggest sporting attraction at events such as Commonwealth Games or Olympic games as well. This year at Commonwealth Games which were conducted at Gold Coast, Indian wrestlers won 12 medals in total and each candidate who represented India in Wrestling brought a medal along with him or her, five of which were golds. The Asian Games 2018 which will take place at Jakarta-Palembang after three months has raised the activities among the wrestling fraternity.

The Wrestling Federation of India has decided to let the top wrestlers such as Sushil Kumar, Sakshi Malik, Bajrang and others to skip the trials and be the part of the main team. This decision will leave the aspiring or struggling wrestlers in anger. The Federation told to a renowned newspaper that - If we know that a wrestler is commendable in his/her weight category and we believe that there’s no competition for them so we shouldn’t unnecessarily ask them to appear in the trials. Commonwealth and Asian Games are taking place in a very close time span so it’s not mandatory to hold a trial for each category. This will create difficulty for the wrestlers as they will be affected by the trials and will pay more attention towards them instead of the tournament itself. This decision came up when the Olympic medalist Yogeshwar Dutt was given a spot above another wrestler Amit Dhankar for the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

By: Swati Kaushal


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