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FIFA Medical Centre Soon to be opened in India

The All India Football Federation (AIFF) has started doing the groundwork to bring FIFA Medical Centre in India. Federation International de Football Association (FIFA) Medical Centre of Excellence was a matter of long talk in AIFF. Now, very soon India is going to open at least pair of these centres.

FIFA developed a network of Medical Centres of Excellence. This was done to make players aware of whom all are the experts in the field of football medicine. The centres will diagnose them and will provide rehabilitation from injuries. Such type of institutes will also educate players on nutritional intake and how to prevent injuries. It will also provide specific training techniques.

Kushal Das, the AIFF General Secretary already confirmed this news. He said these institutes will be a helping hand for players. They will get to know where to go when they are injured. How much discounts players will get is a later staged work. Right now, they are only focused to open such centres in India.


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