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First Ordinary Selection Study on Arctic Inuit by Scientists

For the very first time a team of scientists by Fernando Racimo, Rasmus Nielsen et al. have done a study on Arctic Inuit. On the basis of this study the scientists will be able to track the adaptation of Americans. For successful results, the scientists have used old genomic data from nearly 200 Greenlandic Inuits. Additionally, to perform the study the scientists compared the collected data with 1000 Genomes Project and ancient hominid DNA from Neanderthals and Denisovans.

In the result, the scientists found that the Inuit variant of the TBX15/WARS2 region first came into modern humans from an archaic hominid population, related to the Denisovans.

The scientists have also stated that the Inuit DNA series in this region matches with the Denisovan genome. Moreover, the DNA is highly differentiated from other present-day human sequences. However, the scientists have not rejected the possibility that the found variant was introduced from another unidentified archaic group.

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