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Flights Can Be Tracked Worldwide by NASA’s Space Radio System

Scientists from NASA have created a space radio that can track flights all over the world. This new tracking system can make travel safer and is also capable to track quickly in case of mishaps.

The scientists have designed the system in such a way that its network allows us the data such a pictures of the cryovolcanoes on Pluto – or tweets from astronauts aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Though, to send larger quantities of data back and forth faster, NASA engineers required high-frequency radios. The high frequency radios can be reprogrammed from a distance using software updates, stated the scientists. 

The scientists also added that, this powerful radio communication network enables the engineers change the work procedure of radio throughout the life of any space mission.

Moreover, this space based radio can also be upgraded to work better with coming missions or to enhance performance, just by adding new software. For decades the airplanes have relied on radar surveillance via land-based radar stations.

Content Source: Hindustan Times


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