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Follow These Rules of Half-Court Basketball

When players in a basketball teams are less than 10 then they can go for half court pickup. In full court both teams shoot at different baskets but in half court both teams have to shoot at same basket. No jump ball is required in half-court Basketball.

The ball needs to be ‘taken back’ after each missed shot as both the teams are sharing the same basket. It also depends on with whom you are playing as the ball need not have to be cleared if it does not hit the rim. If your team baskets and your player do not miss a shot then you can keep the ball again with you until your team does not miss a shot. It also depends on the competition level as alternate possessions can be made after every basket.

Check the ball on the foul line area by passing the ball to the defensive player after a made basket or a dead ball situation. The player will toss it back to you to indicate that the ball is in play.


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