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Football Popularity in India

Football which is famous among youngsters is India’s second most popular sport after cricket. Many of us would be aware that football is traditionally played in some states of India such as West BengalGoaKeralaOdisha and mainly in north-eastern India.


It might be known to few people that Football was first started in mid-nineteen century by British-soldiers when they established Calcuta Football Club in 1872.


But have you ever thought why football has got so much of fame in North- Eastern region of India. Here are some some answers that might satisfy your curious brains.

Football is played in places such as Nagaland, Manipur, Assam (north-east region) because this game requires moist and grassy ground.


Since Land in North-eastern part of India is ideal and suitable for football many people prefer to play football there. According to many football lovers/ players, football is a facile and schematic game which is easy to understand.


Football is not bound by too many rules and different formats which make it even more playable game among youngsters.



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