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Footprints Of A Giant Seven Foot Sloth Found

Human beings have evolved over time and in the long run has undergone several massive encounters with endagered species. In the salt flats of White Sands National Monument in New Mexico, scientists have uncovered tales of human stalking giant sloths from the fossilized footprints that itself tells a tale about how human beings must have encountered gigantic sloths with spears for survival.

Various evidences by scientists reveals untold stories about how brave efforts by our ancestors must have led to the extinction of sloths some 11,000 years ago.

In the words of Matthew Bennett, a professor of environmental and geographical sciences at Bournemouth University in southern England, frozen footprints of gigantic sloths reveals an untold story about how the flailing circles are associated with human intervention in sloth's world. Sloths while moving around independently would make a straight path, but humans would walk in a team misguiding and misdirecting the sloths to outwit it.  

Thanks to 3D modeling technology that have enabled the preservation of fossilized footprints says Bennett that ultimately assisted in the revelation of the very, very rare behavioral ecology.  


By: Tulika Dey


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