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From Selling Milk to Being the First Woman Olympian of Chhattisgarh

The story of Renuka Yadav is a testimony of sheer hard work, determination and passion. She sets an example for millions who seek to create their own destinies.

Renuka used to sell milk from house-to-house as a young girl while her parents worked as domestic helps. Along with the consistent struggles in her life, with stayed constant was her passion for playing hockey. She started playing hockey as a seven-year-old child. Her first coach, Bushan Sao, ignited the spark in her. He not only encouraged her to play hockey in school, but also gifted her first hockey stick of her life. Sao recalls how Renuka practised way more than the rest of the child.

After getting selected in the Girls Hockey Academy, Renuka received free coaching in Gwalior. She continued to persevere for years and trained to be her best self at the game. At 22, she made it to the prestigious list of 16-member women’s hockey team that represented India in the Rio Olympics. She is the first woman from Chhattisgarh to have achieved this feat.

Her journey is truly inspirational. It is a lesson and an example for people who blame their circumstances as being hurdles in achieving their dreams.



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