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Gaming out Opium and Inequality

When we speak about Afghanistan, it evokes a feeling of insecurity, sadness and fear. A country ravaged by extremist and civil war. The Taliban had control over Kabul and most of Afghanistan from 1996 till 2001. The Taliban during its reign methodically and violently forced half of its population into virtual house arrest. It was worse for the women of Afghanistan. They passed a decree that prohibited girls from the age of 8 to receive any education. It did not end at this; women were flogged publicly and even executed.

Post Taliban Afghanistan is slowly working its way toward rebuilding the country. Afghanistan is the world’s largest source of opium. The Taliban profits majorly from these opium productions. However, there are other criminal gangs that too are actively involved in running this trade. It is a twisted circle of money and power.

Working against these evil practices are a group of brave, talented and educated Afghan women coders who have proved their skill by uploading more than 20 games  on digital application stores this year. This all female team has designed a game that illustrates the evil of opium cultivation and demonstrates how the Afghan soldiers work on missions to destroy the opium fields, fight the drug lords and educate the farmers to move to saffron farming instead.

In Afghan society it is unusual for women to work outside their homes. After Taliban slowly women have regained freedom to work in offices. These new group of women are certainly making a move towards abolishing gender inequality.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena



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