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Gender Inequality and Sports

Gender inequality exists worldwide. Despite several international measures as well as measures taken by many countries of the world, it is still prevalent. Women face lot of discrimination in all spheres of life, family, education, work place and specially sports. Yet in an age when women are breaking out of the stereotypes especially in workplace, breaking the so called glass ceiling, they face lot of neglect and discrimination in the field of sports.

Let us take as an example Football. One of the most popular of female sports with a huge number of girls and women playing it worldwide, 30 millions approximately. Even in Brazil where football is like a religion women face lot of challenges when they pursue this sport. Women football legend Marta Vieira da Silva, record holder of most goals scorer at Women world cup, named five times as the world’s best female footballer, recollects how her family disapproved of her playing football as it was considered a man’s sport.

From 1941 to 1979 Brazil had a ban on women playing football. After the ban was lifted Pele had commented,’ Football can be a hobby, but not a real sport for women’.

It doesn’t stop here, despite Marta’s phenomenal achievement, girls in Brazil still struggle to pursue their favorite sport.  14 year old Laura Pigatin has to play in all boys team for lack of female teams of her age group. State officials had banned Laura twice from playing championship though her team had qualified.


By: Madhuchanda Saxena


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