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Gesturing Can Positively Impact Children’s Creativity

The scientists have suggested that the children’s habit of gesturing can improve their creativity. Not only this, the scientists have advised that encouraging children to use gestures can help them to use creative ideas. Psychological scientist Elizabeth Kirk of the University of York said that they have done a study on children. In results of the study, the researchers found that children naturally gesture when they think of novel ways to use everyday items.

Additionally, the more children gesture the more ideas they come up with, said the psychologists. As per the existing study, it has been proven earlier that gestures can help with some kind of problem-solving. However, Kirk and colleague Carine Lewis of the University of Hertfordshire analyzed that gestures might specifically help children to come up with creative or alternative uses for everyday items.

The scientists have collected the data by comparing the creativity of children who spontaneously gestured with those who either did not or could not gesture. The scientists came to know that children spontaneously gestured and that greater gesturing was associated with a greater number of creative ideas.

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