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Giant Panda No Longer Vulnerable

An announcement has come from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) that Giant pandas are no longer at risk.


According to the list the giant pandas which were very few in numbers in 2003 have finally risen up by 17 percent. The scientists have stated that the panda population has risen to 2,060.


As a result the International Union for Conservation of Nature has revised their red list of endangered species of Pandas. As per the recent survey pandas were in the red list of threatened species because of illegal poaching.


State Forestry administration of China has stated that the positive result has paid them off because of their great efforts to save the panda population. Furthermore the officials also added that enforcement of anti-poaching law has helped them to increase the significant number of giant pandas.


Panda species face various difficulties to reproduce as they reside under a small group of 9 to 10 stated the officials.  Since Chinese government has banned animal skin trade that saved various species along with Panda to boost their populace.


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