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In school, girls tend to be better than boys at reading tests. This holds true across all age groups and in all nations. But, abruptly there is no difference in the reading skills between males and females when they become young adults.

Reading tests measure whether students can draw info from the text, whether they can derive simple conclusions, understand and compare information, and evaluate content, language and content in the text. Girls perform the best regardless of which of these attributes is being measured.

Several hypotheses are proposed to explain this. Researchers argue whether the way in which these tests are designed favor girls. Another explanation is that school tests bear long texts, which may be narrative, descriptive, or explanatory. Female are better at grabbing these, says previous tests.

When reading is measured through writing females perform better, says yet another supposition. A number of studies have shown that in written exercises, the gender differences are bigger. This is because boys usually tend to skip the written questions more.

Motivation level is another theory. Studies show that it is harder to motivate boys to get interested in a text than girls. 

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