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Giving Afghanistan a Cricket Opportunity

BCCI presented a great opportunity to the war-ravaged Afghanistan by hosting its first maiden Test match. While this was something that put BBCI on the positive side, it received equal negative stares after it cold-shouldered Pakistan, which has been cricket-starved for years.

Giving all the trouble that has been going back home, a break, Afghanistan has been making rapid strikes in the international cricket arena and will now be heading out to play its first test against India in 2019-2020. Pakistan has been demanding the opportunity for bilateral cricket with India, but the Special General Meeting that resolved to play more against the likes of Australia, South Africa and England, ignore the demand that Pakistan has made. The last bilateral cricket match between India and Pakistan was held in 2012, after that no such opportunity could materialize due to the political tension between the two countries.

The BCCI acting secretary, Amitabh Choudhary said after the Special General Meeting, that the Afghan team was scheduled to play their maiden test cricket match in 2019 against the Australian team, but after considering the historic and epic relationship that India and Afghanistan had had, it was decided that the match be held earlier.

The Afghans earned their test status in June, along with the Ireland team and succeeded in realizing their five-day cricket dream due to the amazing performance that they gave in the ODIs and the T20 international matches.
We hope to see more such amazing matches not just between India and Afghanistan but also more bilateral matches between Pakistan and India. You never know that may lead to better relations between the two countries.

By: Srishti Anand


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