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Good Dribbling Brings Greater Control over Basketball

The act of dribbling is all about bouncing the ball in a continuous fashion by your single hand. It is one of the great requirements for a player to take a few steps with the ball. A player needs to push the ball downwards to dribble. The dribbling is done by fingertips rather than patting it. The use of fingertips ensures a greater control.

A good dribbling in basketball can make situations difficult for a defensive player to get the ball. The dribbler should dribble a basketball farthest from the opponent thus producing difficulties for defensive side. Dribbling should be practiced with both hands as it provides an added advantage to dribblers. Dribbling must be done lower to the ground. This is performed by good dibblers that they reduce the distance of travel of the ball from the floor to the hand. This technique makes it difficult for the defensive side to steal the ball.

Dribbling can be done behind backs, between legs and also by switching directions suddenly. The pattern makes it difficult to be understood and predicted by defensive player.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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