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Google Testing a More Precise Version for its Virtual Assistant, Google Now

Google Now, an established assistant to provide its users with all the required information is now testing an additional feature “Explore Interests” to make the information more precise, i.e., making the application more personalised on the basis of individual interests.
You can tell the app if you are not interested in some genre by tapping on “Not Interested” on its card. A Google spokesperson confirmed “Interests” is an experiment that the company is testing with the look-and-feel of the product, adding that Google has nothing to announce at this time.
With “Explore Interests,” Google is offering a different way to track news and other topics, other than providing information based on things like search history or location. The app informs users they can “pick teams, bands, movies, and more” and a click-through takes them to a screen where there are colourful tiles for sections like “Sports,” “TV,” “Movies,” “Musicians,” “People,” “Stocks,” and so on.
The biggest challenge for Google Now is to compete with Apple’s Siri making its way onto Mac, iOS and Apple TV, Cortana in Windows and Amazon’s Alexa platform, which have already made strong progress in customer’s minds.

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