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Green Electricity Produced by Waste Onion Peels

The wasted onion peels have been used to develop an inexpensive device that generates ‘green’ electricity from body movements and may be with power pacemakers, smart pills and wearable electronics.

Researchers said that the biodegradable and biocompatible device provides advantage of the suitable piezoelectric properties of the onion skin. Among various cellulose contains bio-materials, where onion peels the most abundant bio-waste said by Khatua Piezoelectric materials (an electric current which is placed under mechanical stress) can convert the energy from daily mechanical motions into electricity. This material can convert simple body movements into green energy without increasing the pollution in environment. Though, piezoelectric nano generators have some difficulties to synthesise and are expensive, they are highly toxic by which real life application remains limited. Bhanu Bhusan Khatua, professor at Indian Institution of Technology said that by this every common person in any circumstances can use this method and it is a novel cost effective idea. Researchers said that in this increasing population, industrialisation and ubiquitous uses the electronics and vehicles are destroying the nature day by day. This is raising a pressure on fossil fuels and reduction of natural resources; it can be controlled by using green energy technology in this current situation of energy deficiency world.

By Srishti Sharma

Content: Hindustan Times





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