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Happy Ugadi New Year

Ugadi, a festival celebrated earnestly in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, marks the beginning of a new year according to the Hindu calendar. It is based on the belief that the joys of the day will mirror in themselves in the coming future.

The significance of the festival originated from the myth that it was on this day when Lord Brahma created the earth and all life forms.

The day starts with people taking a bath early in the morning and applying hair oil. The celebrations involves people cleaning their homes, buying clothes and adorning the doors of their houses with mango leaves. Food items and sweets play a special role. A special dish called the Ugadi Pachadi is prepared with ingredients such as raw mango, neem etc.

The day ends with people going for a feast together and listening to the religious ‘panchangams’. It is said that the basic aspect of the day is leaving the past behind and starting afresh with a new positivity.



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