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Harmanpreet Singh has emerged out as one of the most-shining stars in the recent years in Indian hockey. He is 21; and has already become an Olympian and a World Cup Winner.’ This relentless and disciplined performer has been shuttling between the junior and senior sides in major International tournaments.

He initially gained attention at the 2014 Sultan of Johor Cup in Malaysia when he played in the junior team. He scored nine goals during the match. Following this, he made 15 goals at the Junior Asia Cup in 2016. He also played a key role in the victory of his team in Rio Olympics 2016. It brought home the Junior Hockey World Cup after a 15 years lapse.

This star with an impressive list of performances is now gearing up on Dabang Mumbai’s side for Hockey India League (HIL) 2017 which will begin on January 21. The rising star says that he believes that every aspect of his game needs improvement.

He is hopeful and positive that they will make it in the HIL. “We have the right balance and some of the best players from India and abroad” he says.

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