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Harmanpreet Works His Way Back to Indian Hockey Team.

Injuries in sports are a common phenomenon and players have to endure great pain and discomfort due to these. Apart from the pain there is yet another aspect that affects a player, and that is the medications. With the World Anti Doping Code in place the rules have become very stringent regarding the presence of prohibited substances or its metabolites or markers found in a players sample. This is primarily to protect the health of the players and integrity of the sports.

Touted as a star defender Harmanpreet was picked up as a teenager in the year 2015 to play for Punjab Warriors in the Hockey Indian League. Harmanpreet had already proved his talent when he played for 2013 Junior World Cup. However, in February 2015, he had to face major setback and a road block when he failed a random dope test during Hockey India League. His sample tested positive for 19 norandrosterone. A two year ban was imposed on him. Harmanpreet contested the ban stating that it was unintended. He had to take an injection from his doctor in Amritsar for his lower back pain. The ban did not dampen his spirits; he played for ONGC once his ban was lifted in 2017. The 23 year old is responsible for many match winning performances which attracted the attention of Hockey India’s performance driven director David John. Harmanpreet was one amongst 50 cores probable who made it to the final list of the players playing in the Indian Team for the Champions Trophy.

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