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Have You Ever Tried Playing SlamBall?

SlamBall is a kind of Basketball which is played with four trampolines. Trampolines lie in front of each net and boards around the court edge. The name SlamBall has been trademarked with SlamBall, LLC. SlamBall is a sport which is based on basketball. It is a contact sport with blocks, collisions and rough physical play which is a part of the game. It is somewhat similar to elements of football and hockey.

The professional games in SlamBall were aired on television with Spike TV for two seasons in 2002-2003. The POWERade SlamBall Challenge was aired on CSTV which is now known as CBS Sports Network in 2007. SlamBall had its first major international tournament in China in the year 2012. To gain points, scoring is done by putting the ball into the net at the opponent’s end of the court.

Each team has got a coach and additional staff which include assistant coaches, managers, statisticians, doctors, etc. The sport is controlled by two referees and the table officials.

By: Bhavna Sharma


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