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Have You Seen Dancing Galaxies on the Beat of Gravity?

NASA has helped us to observe what is actually happening around the solar system. However, this time NASA has found something that can amaze each one of us. The scientists have taken new NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image. In these images, the scientists have demonstrated the gravitational dance between two galaxies in our local neighborhood.

The tiny NGC 1510 and its colossal neighbor NGC 1512 are at the beginning of a lengthy merger. Additionally, the scientists stated that it is a crucial process in the galaxy evolution. In spite of the small size, NGC 1510 has had a significant effect on NGC 1512's structure and the amount of star formation.

The bar in NGC 1512 acts as a cosmic funnel, channeling the raw materials required for star shape and structure from the outer ring into the center of the galaxy.

This pipeline of gas and dust in NGC 1512 fuels strong star birth in the bright, blue, sparkling inner disc. This disc is known as a circum-nuclear starburst ring, which spans 2400 light-years.

By: Priyanka Negi


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