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Whether your adolescent is popular in class or is someone with only a few friends, peer pressure can force him or her to get involved in unhealthy activities. Here is help on how you can help them take good decisions.

Help your child to figure out ways on how to say no when facing peer-pressure.

Aid your child in developing good self-esteem by celebrating or praising his or her achievements. Children who feel good about themselves are better at resisting negative peer pressure and making better choices.

Friends with good values and good self-esteem help your child stay away from risky behavior, make sense of new technology, and repel unwanted peer pressure. So, help your child choose his friends wisely.

Another thing you can do is come up with special code words to let your child convey that he or she is in an uncomfortable situation and needs your help. For instance, “Mom, my EARACHE is heavy. Please pick me up”.

Let your child know that he or she can use you as an excuse to escape peer pressure. They can refuse by saying “My parents will punish me severely if I do that.”

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