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Help Your Child to Improve Stuttering Problem

Shuttering is a common problem in growing children. Many experts have suggested that stuttering can be a part of children’s speech. However, the experts have suggested that this habit can be temporary and it may last for a lifetime. Since stuttering can become a life-long condition, parents can help their children to improve their habit. The experts have suggested that parent’s understanding of the problem is important. Additionally, the experts advised that stuttering, also called as stammering or dysfluency is interference in the normal patterns of speech. It can take many forms. For instance, someone who stutters might repeat a sound or a syllable, especially at the beginning of the word, such as "li- li- like."

This habit can also evident as a continuation of a sound such as "ssssssee." Now and then stuttering involves the complete stoppage of speech or the omission of a sound. Or it can be the repeated break of speech with sounds such as "uh" or "um."

Anyone can stutter at any age. However, it is most frequent among children who are learning to form words into sentences. And boys are more likely than girls to stutter. Normal language dysfluency often starts between the ages of 18 and 24 months and tends to come and go up to the age of 5.


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