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H&M India Will Start Online Space Later in 2018

Hennes & Mauritz (H&M) India's country manager, Janne Einola said that the Swedish fashion retailer will charge itself into the online space in India during 2018. He also informed that the deliveries of the orders placed will be done by a third-party logistics partner. He did not reveal the exact timeline and just gave away a meager idea that it be somewhere later this year. According to Einola, H&M gathers a total of 12% sales volume through their online space accounts that they run globally.

But, H&M will not be integrating the online operations with the physical stores anytime soon. All they plan to do is evaluate the business as it will go along. They are not keen on associating with any of the online spaces that exist now and will run the online sales completely on their own digital property.  The Indian chief of the brand was quite positive about the prospects for the online sales in country but did not quote any numbers and just said that India has a market with a good potential. The retail chain has a good presence in the Tier 1 cities and will soon expand out to the Tier 2 cities. They have a total of 29 stores including two stores in Mumbai. One store a month is added since they have started their operations a little over two years ago.

 By: Neha Maheshwari


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