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Hockey Loving Town of Canada Mourns Loss Of Hockey Players In A Crash

The game of ice hockey was what unified the small town and farming community of Humboldt on the prairies of Canada's Saskatchewan province. The game gave the town an identity and has also bought home 2 national championships. But, an unfortunate event that has taken a toll on all the community. A crash killed 15 people when a bus that was carrying Humboldt Broncos junior hockey team collided with a tractor trailer. One of the locals, Gordon Lees, said in a statement that it is gut wrenching to see these fine young guys whose futures have just been wiped out. He has been following the team since he was as little as 10 years old.

 And he was just one of the many residents in the town that were completely shattered by the incident. The residents have gathered in the Humboldt's sports and education complex, the Elgar Petersen Arena, to console each other and share any updates on the survivors. Many of them were seen in jerseys and shirts that had green Broncos logo. The stairs to the arena ,where the ice hockey team plays their home games, were completely enveloped by flowers and toys. In communities all across the rural Saskatchewan, venues like these are considered to be important points for locals to interact and chat about various things. The tragedy has certainly created an eerie silence at the stadium for a while.


By: Neha Maheshwari


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