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Hot Summer, Cool Clothes

This summer doesn’t get bored doing the same homework. It’s time to paint this summer colorful. You can try painting your T-shirts, creating designs of your choice on your clothes.

For turning your T-shirt into in an inspiring piece of art by painting you will need

  1. A white T-shirt or Shirt
  2. Fabric colors
  3. A piece of cardboard
  4. Paint Brushes

Steps to paint:

  1. Set up the work area. Spread newspaper on the floor or the place you are working so that the floor or furniture is not spoiled.
  2. Put the sheet of cardboard inside the T-shirt. It will prevent the T-shirt from bleeding paint to the back side of T-shirt.
  3. You can use a brush or stencil to write the desired on the T-shirt. Also you can use sponge for designing. Dip the sponge into the paint and rub on the T-shirt and design as you desire.
  4. After you have designed you now have to let the paint dry. For drying it soon you can use dryer or put it in sunlight.
  5. Now remove the cardboard in between the T-shirt and it is ready to wear.

You can use this technique of coloring clothes in various other ways as well. Now you can try making your own designs on your clothes.

By: Shruti Anand


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