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How IPL Has Changed The Nature Of Cricket?

The 2013 IPL has turned out to be a phenomenal success in terms of the quality of cricket and the nuances around it. Marketing through every medium, be it television, mobile phones, social sites, video streaming, newspapers, blogs, has given rise to what advertisers call carpet bombing.

Every match is being played with full attendance and the enthusiasm is akin to what one experiences during a Live Rock concert. IPL has provided the platform for young aspiring cricketers to perform at an international level. A budding cricketer will have privilege to practise, talk and learn a lot from the cricketing legends from his team over a long 45 day schedule. Their insights and valuable tips can enhance a young cricketer in his approach towards  the game. Some constant knocks and big scores can make you noticed by national selectors which every aspiring cricketer would crave for. It has made the cricketers to be more fit,  as t20 is a fast and pacey game.  Any glimpse in lack of  fitness will be portrayed on the field. It has helped cricket boards around the world understand just how powerful T20 cricket can be, and while Test purists might turn their noses up at the circus, its staying power has been something quite extraordinary.

By: Swati Kaushal











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