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How it All Started

Basketball has been every teenager’s love for the past few years, but not many people know that the game which is now a sensation in the entire world was started as a mere time pass. A Canadian physical education teacher named, James Naismith invented this game to keep his class busy while it was raining.

When the game started players used to barricade the playing area by caging it with chicken wire and mesh to avoid getting into the spectator’s area. The game started with each team comprising of 9 players which was later reduced to 5. Instead of the basket that is used now earlier players used peach baskets with their bottoms still attached to them. After every basket, the ball was manually removed from the basket and then the game continued. The basket used to be nailed to the balcony of the court. This was later changed due to the interference of spectators in the game.

What more can we say when, the game which now leads to spectators cheering at every basket started as just a way to pass time on a rainy day.

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