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How Old Should Children Start Wrestling?

Getting your children into wrestling when they’re young has many advantages. According to Bill Campbell, author of the 2005 booklet "Parent's Guide to Wrestling," children who start wrestling young have an upper hand over the late comers when things get serious around the high school years. Deciding exactly what age is good to set out your child in wrestling depends on various factors, including their interests, personality and physical capacity.

Children can start their grapple training as young as 4 or 5. Researches reveal that starting at this age can teach them coordination and develop a sense of emotional maturity within them. Moreover, it teaches them discipline and instills towering levels of confidence and determination.

Middle school is another common entry age for wrestling. At this point, children are a little more mature and are able to handle the ups and downs of serious competition. Not starting until high school will be tough given how much more experienced the other children are by then. The best high school wrestlers are usually those children who did get the early start. However, it's never impossible for a dedicated athlete to overcome these odds. Avoid programs that are too emotional or where children's mistakes are pointed out more often than their achievements.



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