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How Speeding on Skates is Helping Children in Greek Refugee Crisis

An unlikely urban sport is helping young refugees to learn important lessons in life along with boosting their self-confidence. Member of Free Movement Skateboarding in collaboration with Refugee Youth service started the initiative around 6 months down the line. It has attracted attention of young people both local and refugees from North Africa, Syria, Afghanistan etc. The skate park offers a safe place where these young people can meet, connect and most importantly gain self-dignity after fleeing from their home lands.

 Why Skateboarding?

 With skateboarding, they are able to empower young refugees.

  • By encouraging female instructors and female only sessions, Gender Equality is a huge byproduct of skateboarding sessions.
  • Integration is the key factor in the operations of the team. Young people are developing a sense of community by bonding and helping each other. 
  • Activities are promoting mental and physical well-being by providing them an escape from trauma and adversity.
  • Employment opportunities for both the locals and refugees are created as the operations are expanded in the city.
  • Nurturing Friendship among different nationalities is a beautiful site to witness. Youngsters are bonding without getting concerned about caste, color or religion.

Amidst the drudgeries of refugee camp, skateboarding is an escape from the labels of being a refugee. The skate park is definitely a place that promotes well-being for all. A new and small idea is fast changing a lot of lives.

By: Neha Maheshwari


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